Thank you for your interest, and allowing us the opportunity to make your event a success is our specialty.   No matter how grand or intimate, corporate or family, a large event or small party, we are committed to a standard of excellence that exceeds the needs of our clients.

We pride ourselves on our motto: Where Quality is Never Compromised!


  • We pride ourselves on exceeding the demands of our clients with exceptional food, outstanding service and professional service.
  • We believe that great food, starts with the very best ingredients.
  • We are attentive to clients from the initial contact to the duration of your event.   We rest assure in our ability to bring your our clients vision to reality.
  • We stand on providing exceptional and professional service.
  • Presentation not only makes our events memorable, but an experience to be desired.   

Chef Monte Brown
Executive Chef and Owner

Monte Brown is your not typical chef.  His approach on food has transcended out of the classical kitchen to the relevance of modern cookery.  He is a native of Washington, DC. Chef Monte studied and received classical education at The Culinary Institute of America (Hyde Park, NY).  However is palate was enhanced while working with multitudes of spices and flavor profiles in Research and Development with McCormick and Co. His culinary influences began as child, eating at the table with is “Granny” who would cook as she watched over him as an infant.  As years past, as a young teenager Monte found himself calling Granny, for those very same recipes that were nostalgic to his upbringing. Today, Chef Monte takes all of his influences from around the world and fuse them together to create, recreate, and begin forth Good Food.